A new corporate trainee takes a road trip to recover energy fragments to support the construction of an Earth-like planet somewhere in outer space.


Meet Silver Elian (Radu Vlad), a freshly trained field operative:
assisted by a dispatch (Amber Hergen) from the enterprises' 
headquarters, he takes a road trip across multiple states to recover a set of S.U.F.R.A. Jets (Spherical Uni-Fractal Revolving Jets), a task that requires "bonding" - a special ability Silver was gifted with - the only way to recover the jets in order to assemble them for the launch to their outer space destination. 
More info about the film can be accessed on IMDB.  
The film is available to watch on Amazon:  THE JET MOVIE                 
"THE JET MOVIE" is also available as a web series entitled
 R.A.Y. Productions Showcase - Extractor - S.U.F.R.A. Jets 



More details about the film are available on IMDB - THE HITCH


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